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She Has Pure Vision

I was scheduled to meet the artist Beth Bolgla in my home several months ago. I was in my robe when she arrived. I forgot she was coming. There was no way to run past our front door and change because the top half is glass. I had to greet her in my pajamas.

If Beth had an opinion about this, there was no trace on her face. I realized later that she wasn’t just being polite. The robe was a garment not a category. As we talked on my couch, I became more and more fascinated by her perspective on things. It was so pure. She talked about her eyes weakening in middle age as if it it were a gift, sharing how she could see things from a new perspective. It wasn’t gratitude; it was curiosity.

As I study Beth’s work, I grow more in love with her ceramics. The subtle complexity of each piece, the range of styles in her pottery. I am grateful that she is a part of Catherine’s Table because we have a unique and beautiful new collection, and because she represents how I want to be in the world: a person who is present, curious, and clear-eyed.

I hope you visit her collection of ceramics at Catherine’s Table and read her biography. There wasn’t room to include the long list of shows and exhibits she has participated in, all the museum collections she is part of.

I am so grateful I know Beth. I really enjoy her work, but most of all, I love the memory of our first meeting in my robe. She showed me how rich your life can be when your vision is pure.

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The Littler the Bigger

Sometimes a little is a whole lot. I am always surprised and heartened by how a little effort can yield such bounty.

The knob on one of our lidded pots has been broken for years. We finally ordered a new one, and it arrived yesterday. We were almost giddy when we put it on. Simple problem solved yet it was so satisfying.

In simple matters of the heart, the rewards are beyond measure. Offering to help someone who is struggling with her groceries, taking time for a conversation with someone who seems lonely. You can literally change the course of someone’s day with a small act of kindness.

At Catherine’s Table, we give a portion of each purchase to Meals on Wheels. Many of us volunteer here in Atlanta as well. Delivering a meal to a home bound senior citizen, having a conversation. These two small acts may be the only nourishment of body and soul someone receives in a single day. That’s why we give. Meals on Wheels represents the essence of what we believe at Catherine’s Table. Shared meals and comfort moments are soulful in a way that is beyond measure.

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Striped Ceramics by Louise Bilodeau

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